Altrafine Processed and Exports Sesame oil and different products obtained from sesame seeds to different parts of the world. Some of the popular varieties of seasame seeds are

- Hulled sesame seeds.
- Natural white sesame seeds
- Black sesame seeds, etc.

We obtain sesame seeds with the help of applying automated equipments to carry out complete range of processes including cleaning, hulling and crushing and then powdering. We have excellent team of technical experts who assist in terms of staying focused towards retaining quality, nutritional value without any changes in obtaining the final product as desired. We also supply other forms of products made from sesame including sesame paste, oil, etc. Consumers can get different forms of sesame products at the best possible price.

Natural White Sesame Seeds

- Sesame is a flowering plant that belongs to sesamum genus.
- It is an annual plant that grows from 50 to 100cm or 02 to 3 feet tall.
- The word sesame is of Latin origin Sesamum Indicum.
- The color of sesame seeds range from black, creamy white, pure black to white and red.
- The characteristics and physical structure of the seeds are determined based on the color, taste, oil content and pest resistant capacity of the seeds.
- Altrafine imports raw sesame seeds by obtaining from qualified crop cultivators in Gujarat.
- Gujarat contains suitable soil and climatic conditions for efficient growth of sesame plants.
- Natural sesame seeds are found be less in cholesterol.
- It supports for nourishing health.

Hulled Sesame Seeds

Hulled sesame seeds are the seeds that remain without outer husk. Altrafine is specialized in exporting hulled sesame seeds which stay rich in nutritious contents like minerals and protein. It is obtained through hulling process and before that several stages of cleaning are applied for the raw seeds with the help of ultramodern machines to ensure bacteria and germ free clean product. Sesame seeds which are obtained through hulled process done with the help of machines are applied in the preparation of breads, burgers, candies, soups and cereals and even in confectionary products. Hulled sesame seeds contain great amount of nutritious factors like protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, minerals, etc. It helps to control human digestive system.

Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds contains rich source of calcium, protein, iron, phosphorous, manganese, etc. It also contains good medicinal properties and applied to treat kidney and liver problems. It is applied as a food ingredient in the preparation of food that is served for patients as it is found to help patients recover from illness quickly. Black sesame seeds can help hair stay black in color.

Applications of Black Sesame Powder

- Black sesame powder is used in cooking fish, sauces, salads and for flavoring purpose in bakery items.
- It contains good amount of Vitamin B.
- It is served as a source of dramatic garnish.

We import black sesame powder directly buying from crop cultivators and supply the same at cost effective price.

Sesame Oil

- Sesame oil is considered as queen of oils.
- It is rich in minerals.
- It is popularly called as gingelly oil or till oil in India.
- In majority of Asian countries it is applied for cooking purpose and considered as nutritious oil.
- It is produced in two varieties which obtained from cold pressed method and roasted oil.
- The oil obtained from cold pressed method remains golden in color.
- Roasted sesame oil contains intense flavor.
- Sesame oil contains good shelf life and it is highly resistant to rancidity.
- It is applicable for cooking, hair treatment, drug manufacturing, etc.

Sesame Paste

- Sesame paste is high in quality, flavor and aroma.
- It appears like peanut butter in color and texture.
- The production of sesame paste is a long process and begins with the selection of raw material, cleaning the seeds, hulling them, toasting then converting it to paste.

We stick with custom methods while processing sesame seeds which support us to supply our customers with the natural flavor and aroma through after processing through several steps. Sesame paste can be refrigerated and will remain in good condition for several months.