Guar gum is also known as Guaro Derva. Guar gum is popular because it works as a natural gelling agent in bakery products, dressing and sauces, dairy products etc. So, guar gum for food additives, guar gum for food ingredients and guar gum for pet food additives is widely used. Guar Gum for paper industry gives denser surface to the paper used for printing. It is one of the best thickening additives, emulsifying additives and stabilizing additives. We also provide 8000 CPS guar gum and oil drilling grade guar gum.

We at Altrafine believe that quality should be the core focus of the industries with similar line of business. Hence we are bound to deliver Guar Gum products that have gone through thorough inspection and stringent quality tests at each and every stage of its production. This process ensures that all our products are high on quality.

May any of our products be in the midst of any processing stage our professional quality assurance team ensures that they are never open to contamination, relentless of the amount of time it takes for the final product to be produced, we deliver, Guar Gum products that are best on quality. Hence the qualities of these products remain unperturbed irrespective of any number of production stages it has passed through.

After completion of the entire manufacturing process and finishing of the product, our quality assurance team is on their toes during the final packaging stage. The products are packed under strict hygienic conditions with precise packaging using high standard packaging materials to ensure that the Guar Gum products are safe during its transition. Quality experts have vast knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of manufacturing Guar Gum and other related products. Hence the quality determinations of Guar Gum products are unscrupulous.

Owing to all these factors Altrafine has built its reputation on a slow and gradual pace, enhancing unsurpassed relationship with its consumers.

Large chunk of Altrafine's capital is invested on the modern hi-tech machinery. Our engineers are full-packed with modern and latest technology that makes them work with high determination on quality which also ensures high yielding with nutrient element well sustained in Guar Gum and other related products.

Our Manufacturing Process and Its Specifications

- CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Procedures) and SSOP (Sanitary Standard Operation Procedures) assured standards.
- Packaging is done as per the requirement of our clients
- Guar Gum products are modified as per the industry requirement
- We receive raw materials which are picked from the suppliers who have perfect soil conditions at their farms.
- Our products are processed in diverse departments having divided areas for manufacturing, grade determination, finished goods, storage and packaging
- We analyze and determine quality grades at each processing stage of Guar Gum and related products
- Our professional team is regularly updated identifying new applications in the industries for Guar Gum and other related products
- High transport network chains