Fenugreek is an annual herb and it originated in Asia and southern Europe. The seeds of fenugreek contain several applicable properties. The seeds are 5mm in length and remain hard. They are generally brownish yellow in color and there are other shades and other varieties of fenugreek seeds are available. Some seeds are rhombic and some are oblong and some are cubic in shape. The seeds of fenugreek are available as whole dried or as dull yellow powder obtained from ground roasted seeds. Fenugreek name came from Latin term called Foenum-graecum or Greek hay and in India it is called Methi. It is a tender erect annual plant that contains three part leaves and flowers in pea shape and this plant grows in places where good sunlight is there and where the soil is fertile or well-drained or alkaline.

In earlier days, Mediterranean regions applied fenugreek seeds for different medicinal purposes. Later the medical property of this plant seeds was realized in countries like United States, Africa, Pakistan, United States, France, India, Argentina, etc where it was grown for different commercial purposes.

The white flowers of fenugreek appear in early part of summer and grow into long, yellow brown pods with brown seeds.

Cultivation Requirements for growing Fenugreek

- Life zone is 8 to 27 degrees centigrade
- Annual precipitation is about 0.4 to 1.5 meters.
- The pH of soil should remain from 5.3 to 8.2.
- Soil should be dry.
- It will not grow in wet soils and becomes weak in cold temperature.

Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds are roasted and powdered and then applied as a flavoring agent in curry dishes. Fenugreek powder obtained through seeds which were soaked is applied to make lip balm, tonic, etc. The seeds also applied in making tea and it has the property to reduce fever, menstrual pans, skin infections, etc It creates maple flavor when added in sweets and candies preparation. The seed powder is also applied to flavor animal feeds, vegetable meals, hays, etc.

Attributed Medicinal Properties - Fenugreek

- Fenugreek Seeds are helpful in treating health issues like sinus, respiratory problems, bronchitis and coughs.
- It can also be taken for enhancing breast milk supply.
- It is also used to treat diarrhea, chronic cough, liver and spleen enlargement, diabetes, gout, etc.
- Used in the form of carminative, aphrodisiac and tonic.
- It helps to increase urine discharge and secretion.
- It helps relieve from flatulence.
- It helps in arresting bleeding and shows aphrodisiac effect.
- Contains highly mucous solvent and soothing agent.

Food Applications

Fenugreek is considered as a significant spice in India, Pakistan and China. The seed powder was introduced to other nations like Europe and Arabic Countries through spice trading.

Medicinal Applications

Fenugreek is used to treat several health issues starting from digestive problems to bronchitis, arthritis, etc. In Traditional China it was applied to solve kidney problems that affect reproductive tract in male.