Fenugreek is botanically termed as trigonella foenum-graecum. It is termed as Methi in Hindi. Fenugreek seeds are edible in nature and the gum extracted from these seeds is a latest addition into the list of gum powders obtained from galactomannan of plant seeds.

It is a spice variety and the gum powder obtained from fenugreek seeds is applicable in different industries. There is high demand for this seeds and India is plays an important role in exporting Fenugreek seeds to domestic as well as international destinations.

Properties of Fenugreek Gum Powder

- It is tasteless and odorless
- Its galactomannan contains galactose and mannan combined polysaccharide
- It contains high molecular compound of mannose
- Fenugreek Galactomannan contains good viscosity.
- It can convert milk into ice cream and cocoa into chocolate.
- It forms into gum when dissolved into water.
- Contains 1:1 galactose and mannose ratio.
- Contains high galactose and superior solubility.
- Supports for forming stable colloid for a longer time.
- The fenugreek gum powder can mix water and oil.
- Applied as a stabilizer for food.

Applications of Fenugreek Gum Powder

- Presence of good quantity of galactomannan makes this product applicable for controlling blood sugar and blood lipid.
- Suits best for obese and diabetic victims.
- Fenugreek gum powder helps in reducing cholesterol, hypertension and heart attack possibilities.
- Applied in the preparation of tablet and capsules.
- Applied in dietary food.