Guar is a type of cluster bean and it is botanically termed as Cyamopsis Teragonoloba. It is a draught resistant annual crop about 4 feet height. The pods of this plant are used as a form of green vegetable and also applied for cattle feed. The seeds are processed to obtain guar gum powder for industrial applications.

Properties of Guar Gum

- Water soluble, especially in cold water.
- Contains strong hydrogen bonding properties.
- Contains good thickening, emulsifying, stabilizing and film forming properties.
- Contains good stability and control rheology through water phase management.

Guar Gum is used as:

- Natural thickener
- Emulsifier
- Stabilizer
- Bonding agent
- Hydrocolloid
- Gelling agent
- Natural Fiber
- Fracturing agent


The natural fast hydration guar gum is dispersible in nature and suits ideal for all rheological needs in oil well drilling, diesel slurry and continuous fracturing, etc. In oil well drilling it is preferred for the multiple functionalities like fluid and water loss control, lubrication, viscosity control, etc. It is also applied in applications in which quick hydration and high viscosity are required like drill bits, cementing slurries, etc .

Important Applications

- Applied in top hole oil well drilling
- Industrial grade guar gum powder suits best for oil well fracturing, oil well stimulation and mud drilling
- Applicable as a stabilizer and suspending agent.
- Serves as a surfactant in oil well drilling
- Serves as a synthetic polymer for all water based and brine based oil well drilling requirements.
- Industrial grade guar gum obtains excellent viscosity in 3 to 5 minutes time.

Fast Hydrating Slurriable Guar

It is a non ionic guar and polymeric viscosifier that can become slurrible up to 50% of solids in systems such as diesel fuel. It is used in the stimulation of oil and gas wells as a fracturing fluid.This ingredient provides good pump ability, good hydration, thermal stability and good shelf life. It can be cross linked with borates which then provide excellent carrying ability to support sand and related proppants to be placed in the created fracture. The hydrating slurriable guar contains good viscousity that can be reduced by the application of enzymes, oxidizers and acids like HCL.

Guar Gum in Oil Field Applications

Industrial grade guar gum is applied in the following industries.

- Applied for oil well fracturing.
- Oil well stimulation
- Mud drilling, etc
- Apart from that it is also applied as a thickener, emulsifier as well as suspending agent.
- It is diesel slurriable
- Applied as a surfactant, synthetic polymer and deformer for rheological requirements.
- High viscosity guar gum is applied in oil well drilling, geological drilling and water drilling.
- Used to reduce friction in holes.
- Used to reduce power requirements.
- Applied to minimize water loss in broken geological formations.