The seeds of Cassia obtusifolia are processed to obtain cassia tora splits. The word obtus is derived from Latin which means blunt and folium in Latin and leaf in English. It is an annual plant that grows suitably after the Indian monsoon season. This plant contains 20cm of pod which contains cylindrical seeds which are generally broken into two pieces and this broken seeds are called cassia splits.

Cassia splits are referred to in different names such as cassia torea splits, cassia senna splits, etc. The seeds are differentiated based on their size with the help of processing and grading machines from which they will be sent for splitting process. The underdeveloped cassia tora seeds will be removed and even cassia occidentalis seeds are removed not more than 0.05% and then sent for dehusking and de-germing process with the help of thermal mechanical treatment. The next step would be milling and testing endosperm which will be separated from the germ. Whereas dehusking is done generally by means of several processes like polishing, sieving, heating, grinding, etc.

Cassia Tora Splits Properties

- Contains mannose and galactose.
- Pale yellow in color.
- Soluble in water.
- It is a good thickening agent.
- Can form into gels when combined with xanthan or carageenan.
- Can be applied as a food additive.
- It is a useful ingredient in cattle feed and other animal feeds.

Cassia Tora Powder:

- Cassia tora powder extracted from splits of cassia tora seeds are found to contains natural gelling capacity.
- It is applied in pet food for its gelling property.
- It is approved by the Commission Directive (EEC No E499) in Europe.
- It has been listed as a stabilizer, gelling as well as thickening agent in the Annex of the Council Directive (70/524/EEC).
- It is used in the place of locust bean gum in conjunction with carrageenan in the preparation of air fresheners.
- It is used in the formation of cheese, mixes, poultry products, frozen dairy desserts, etc.
- It is applied in meat dishes, frozen multi course meal, appetizers, etc as a commercial processing ingredient.

Application in Industries

- Cassia tora powder is applied as a surfactant and water soluble agent in personal care products.

- The cationic extraction of cassia tora is applied in the production of cosmetics and toiletries.

- It is also applied in the manufacturing of health care products, pharmaceuticals (both topical and non-topical products) such as creams, pastes, tablet, etc.

Specifications of Cassia Tora Splits

Odour Typical
Moisture 7% (Max)
Ash % 1% (Max)
Protein 7% (Max)
Black & Red 1% (Max)
Dehusking 93%